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    • Passenger Side Shade
    • Exterior Installation Magnets
    • 3M Silane Glass Treatment
    • Installation Instructions

    *Production time for this product is currently 5-7 weeks*

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    Split Passenger Window Shade

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    Our split passenger side shades are the perfect product to compliment your windshield shade. Shades for the driver and passenger side split windows typically cover all panes of the window assembly and mount to your window using exterior magnets. Please note we use exterior magnets on all our side shades to compensate for a variety of issues that are presented by different interior vs exterior dimensions on the windows, the various glass thicknesses present even in the the same window complex, and to help keep the cost of the side shades down for our consumers. There are several different ways we manufacture these shades depending on how your window is made. If you have questions about how the driver or passenger side shade will be manufactured for your particular make and model, feel free to give us a call. *This window option only applies to mid-entry model coaches. If you are interested in our entry door and small passenger side shades for your front-entry coach, you can find them on our Products page.


    How to Measure Your Window(s)

    Does your large passenger side shade have an awning rail that runs down the center of it? (see picture) Common coaches that have this rail are Bay Star, Canyon Star and the Open Road-gas.