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    In the video below we answer a few of the questions asked most often by our customers. Questions and answers are found below the video and can be clicked to view/hide the response. If you still have questions after reading through our FAQ’s below, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

    Exterior RV sun control shades are superior to interior sun control shades in many ways. Think of the exterior shade as a preventative measure, because they are preventing the intense heat and damaging UV rays from penetrating the windshield and entering the coach. Exterior Shades absorb and dissipate a large % of solar heat and glare before it reaches the glass area.

    It is hard for an interior sun control shade to be as effective because the heat and harmful rays have already penetrated the glass and are shining on the dash and warming up the coach. Magne Shades are made of a PVC coated fabric that blocks up to 93% of the heat and harmful UV rays.

    Effective for any order placed on or after: 7/1/2021

    Hunckler Fabrication LLC is proud to custom build our products in North Carolina, and we take great care to ensure the items you order will be free from any manufacturing defects. All products offered by Hunckler Fabrication LLC, including but not limited to Magne Shade, EZ Fold Tire Shades, and Nano Shades are covered by a limited warranty.

    Our limited warranty covers all products against manufacturing defects under normal use and operation. Normal use and operation assumes following included instructions for tips and care of your shades, these can be found on the sheet titled IMPORTANT! Included in your shipment. This care includes but is not limited to occasional cleaning of the shades (this helps to keep iron dust and salt from accumulating), storing the Magne Shades in a rolled position not folded (folding your shade will create stress points which weaken the material), and storing the shades after they have dried (putting away a wet shade can result in mold and mildew growing on the shade).

    The limited warranty for Magne Shades, EZ Fold Tire Shades, and Nano Shades is 1 year.

    If you do have a problem please contact our office at (336) 753-0905. We are in the office Monday-Friday 8-5 EST and will be happy to assist you.

    Hunckler Fabrication LLC

    We are a small team of less than 20 people that custom builds each item you order. Our production time varies depending on season but our most typical production schedule is 4-6 weeks. That time frame can fluctuate up and down with the cooler months of the year not as busy as the summer months.

    Because each order is specially made the production timeline will extend as we get busier in the late spring and early summer. That can create some production backlog that carries into the fall. Our office will be happy to accommodate when feasible. We are always happy to mark any shade “call to ship” if you will be traveling during the projected timeline for your shades.

    Our current production estimates are 5-7 weeks for window shades and 4 weeks for tire shades.

    Glass tinting filters the light along with the UV rays. Sun Control Shades reduce the volume of light without filtering. As the glass filters sunlight through the tint, it will maintain heat, which dissipates into the RV, making sun control screens more effective than glass tinting.

    Our Patented Magne Shade system installs from the ground in seconds, without the use of a ladder or hardware. Magnets sewn into the shade pockets attract to corresponding magnets which you install on the inside of your windshield glass. After the initial installation all you have to do is slip the installation rod into a corner pocket and lift the shade to the corresponding magnet location. Once one side has attached, you do the same to the other corner to complete the installation.

    You can use your installation rod to adjust the shade to its proper tight fit. Each Magne Shade is built with magnets sewn into channels to allow for adjustment of the shade each time you use your shade. The key to a tight fit on future uses is placing your magnets as close to the glass edge as possible. This is the case for windshield and side shades.

    You can see Roger make use of a “bump” at the top pockets and a “tug” on the lower corners to ensure a nice tight fit on the glass in this video:

    UV blockage depends on the fabric’s weave and openness. The PVC coated fabrics we use have an openness ranging from 7-10%. So, our fabrics will block 90-93% of the harmful UV rays.

    When a shade order is placed Hunckler Fabrication will send an invoice via email provided by the customer. The shade order is then placed in line for production. Credit cards are charged when fabrication begins, normally between 7-10 business days after the order has been placed.

    An order may be cancelled prior to the credit card having been charged.

    When orders are processed and payment is taken, Hunckler Fabrication will send a receipt to the email provided by the customer. Cancellations must be received by phone no later than 12pm on the following business day after the receipt has been sent. The invoice amount will be refunded less a 10% cancellation fee.

    Magne Shades are a custom made product. After an order has been shipped, it cannot be cancelled and will not be refunded.

    For additional policies please read through our Shipping and Returns policies.

    Black fabric is the most effective for sun control and heat protection. The black fabric provides the most privacy and best view out during the daytime. Our best selling fabric color is Black.

    Watch as we demonstrate how versatile and easy to use our Flip Shades really are.

    No, Hunckler Fabrication will not consign or trade in your old Magne Shades if you sell your coach. We suggest you let your set stay with the coach when you sell it.

    We recommend rolling your shades in the same way that you receive them from us. Never fold your shades as this can create wear points and result in damage to the fabric. It is best to store your shades when they are dry, however there will be times when you must remove them in the rain and stow them wet due to travel plans; simply remember to get them out and allow them to dry as soon as possible. We do offer an optional storage bag and highly recommend using it.

    In most cases we will know if a windshield has interference at the time of order, and we accommodate for that in a couple different ways. For example, we know that all Winnebago Vistas have upper cabinet interference and we have to “cut down” the top of the windshield shade to accommodate this for magnet placement. The appearance is still aesthetically pleasing, as the glass is heavily tinted in the cabinet area from the factory.

    In some instances, the top corners are not accessible. In this case we will add a small magnet to the tip of the corner pocket with a coordinating exterior magnet to be installed on the exterior of the windshield corner.

    Yes! We do offer installation services at our Mocksville, NC facility. We schedule installations for Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. Installations are scheduled, weather pending. Due to show schedule commitments, we do not normally offer installations at shows or rallies. Call us at 336-753-0905 or send us an email to set up an appointment date for installation. Installs normally take between 3 and 6 hours.

    When ordering shades to ship outside of the US, please contact our office at 336-753-0905. We will be able to quote you the shipping price with your provided address.

    • When storing your shade, it should always be rolled so that the magnets DO NOT repel each other. Magnets can lose magnetic force over time if two magnets oppose each other with the same magnetic pole. The bound pockets should always be rolled on the outside. NEVER FOLD YOUR SHADES!
    • Rolling your Magne Shade around a swimming noodle can keep pockets from stacking and shade fabric from creasing while stored. *especially recommended with printed shades
    • Do NOT use “slick treatments” on your windshield where magnet pockets rest. The Magne Shade system requires friction between the glass and the shade fabric. Slick treatments may reduce the necessary friction.
    • Iron ore dust can accumulate on the pockets in the West; if too much accumulates it will act as a friction reducer. Keeping pockets clean can make installation easier.
    • Occasionally clean the front and back of your shades with a soft brush and mild detergent.
    • Digitally printed shades require extra care. Though these are printed in very high quality, they can be scratched, never slide the pockets when unrolling the shade, always pull the pockets straight away to unroll them.

    Though we prefer not to expedite orders, since expedited orders cause our standard production time to grow, it is something we offer for customers who need this service. If you need your shades faster than the standard production time allows, please contact our office at 336-753-0905. We are able to expedite your order to three (3) weeks production time for an additional fee of $75. You must call our office to place your order in these cases as the online system will not offer you this option.

    If your order needs to be shipped sooner than the 3 weeks, the expedited fee will vary and we would need to discuss/approve this on a case by case basis. Please keep in mind we ship from our production facility in NC via UPS ground, so allow for delivery in your plans.

    To be fair to all customers, those who call after an order has already been placed to ask for expedited production will be charged an expedited fee on a case by case basis. The ability to expedite orders after they are initially placed cannot be guaranteed but we are happy to discuss available timelines with you if you call our office.

    We are also more than happy to mark any order “Call to Ship” so that we can send the shades out to you during your trip. We do this by calling for a good address when the shades are ready. This is something we do frequently for our full-timers and is often a good option if your planned stops allow for package delivery. This can often alleviate the need to expedite orders.

    Like you fold anything with a spring steel frame. We should have a video soon on youtube in a few different ways. We have a low res video we can send over email if needed.

    We need to know the section width, the aspect ratio, and the diameter. Those three numbers can be found on the side of your tire. It’s easiest to look for numbers similar to the following:




    Please make sure you check both your front and rear tires to see if they are the same size.

    Because the shade itself is perfectly round, and your tire is not. The tire on your coach is put out of round by the weight of the coach and the pressure in your tires this will alter how much your tire is “flat” on the bottom. To compensate for this we recommend taking the lower edge and sliding it under the wheel, which is what we call kicking the shade under.

    They attach with a 3 point bungee harness. To install the shade you take the top bungee and slide it over the tire (if you have room to put your first when your coach is at ride height/aired up/ prior to leveling then you can fit the shade on easily), the two side bungees will come with the upper bungee. You then pull those bungees down to 8 and 4 on a clock face. This will create tension on the bungees and hold the tire shade tight to your tire.

    Because the tire shade has the center cut out it allows the wind to pass through. This plus the bungee harness creating tension should keep the shades in place in the reasonable wind. We do recommend over 50mph you take the tire shades off if able to be safe

    We do not. Like everything we make the tires are custom built depending on your sizes and how many of each size you need.

    The tire shades are made from the same fabric that boat covers are made from. It is UV, water, and oil-resistant to help keep the life of your tires extended by preventing UV dry rot

    We have black and dark brown. We also offer digital prints for an additional charge if you would like. We use the darker colors because not only do they provide great heat reduction they also mean that your shade won’t constantly show roof run off. The darker colors also provide a great visual when you look out the shade as they don’t create a glare which you can get with lighter colors. A lighter fabric might save you a degree more but it is not worth the other trade-offs.

    Different manufacturers will use different glass even on the same coach. So even though we likely know what your glass dimensions should be we still need to confirm. About 25% of orders end up having glass from a different year or even another coach model. We would like to only have to build your shades once and this helps make that more likely.

    Your windshield shade is designed to have magnets as far to the edge of the shade as possible. This means that interior access is something it is important to note. If you have side interference we might want to do what we call a side trim so your shade doesn’t curl up, which would allow in light and can act as a sail in the wind. If you have lower interference we will want to note how far up to put your lowest interior magnet and will likely supplement that with what we call a buddy magnet on the outside of the coach at the glass corners, this helps keep your shade tight and neat. For upper interference, we need to know how much we will see to make sure your upper pockets aren’t so large as to fall forward which makes the shade look bad and not function properly. To accommodate for that we can use buddy magnets like on the bottom, or we can trim the shade down to the interior access height, or we can use exterior magnets across the top of the glass where you can’t reach inside.

    That varies based on the angle of the sun, the position of your coach, the humidity level, as well as a variety of other factors. It is safe to say you will normally see a 15-degree drop on your dashboard in a Class A coach.

    The shade when properly installed and tight on the glass can withstand winds up to 60 mph. We do recommend at 50 mph that you take the shades down. A good rule of thumb is if you are battening down the hatches by pulling in your slides or lowering your satellite dish you should take the shades down. The shade is a piece of fabric and so it can with the correct wind angle and force get taken off, but that is a rarity.

    Yes you can. Magne Shades are designed to be used year-round. It is best to clean the shade from time to time to ensure salt build-up doesn’t corrode the thread in the winter or in the sea air, and it is good to make sure the shade has a chance to dry so mold and mildew don’t grow in extra humid environments. The magnets will actually get stronger the colder it gets and the adhesive is designed to operate once fully cured of -30 to 300 degrees.

    We do this for a variety of reasons. First, a fair number of side windows, especially on newer coaches with frame-less glass, have different interior and exterior dimensions. We don’t want to place magnets to far in on a shade or the fabric will curl up allowing in light and potentially catching the wind. We also don’t need to worry about the window thickness and various pane types with the magnets on the outside. The hold strength at all locations will be the same rather than weaker where you might have a single pane. This standard hold strength also means that it isn’t difficult to remove the shades. Being outside we are also able to use smaller magnets since they are in direct contact with the shade. Smaller magnets are less expensive and so this keeps the cost of the shades down too.

    You can’t drive with your shades on unless you want to meet a nice state trooper. You also don’t want to drive with a shade on your tow vehicle as it will not prevent rock strikes, the fabric isn’t designed to do that and isn’t thick enough to offer that as an added bonus. Additionally, you will likely hit highway speeds and your shade would blow away.

    For power windows the shade is simply extended to the body and a standard exterior magnet is attached to the body of the coach. For manual windows, we use an extended spacer magnet at the bottom or rear edge of the glass. This allows the shade to sit on one plane and not looked “sucked in” at the recessed portion. The magnet normally occupies about an inch and a half of space from the glass edge allowing the window to be opened like normal and acts as a natural stop. Some windows will have a stop already built in about 3 inches before the glass edge so the magnets don’t affect this function at all.

    For body-mounted shades you can operate your side windows like normal. For windows with magnets on their sliding portion, the shades will bunch in or bulge out as you open the window until the pressure overcomes the magnetic hold. The shade will then just drape down until the window is closed and the magnets reattach.

    During the day you will be able to see out and people can’t see in. The more shades you have on the greater this effect is. At night the physics shift and the opposite are true, so we recommend using your privacy shades.

    Sometimes. This is mostly done to not properly cleaning the glass surface or putting the side shades on too quickly after install. Full cure time is 72 hours and the weight of the side shade and the pull of the magnet can overcome the adhesive when not fully cured. In humid environments, another day can be added to that time. A good measure can be to apply pressure once or twice a day while curing to ensure good contact with the glass. You can also use silicone or E6000 to further seal the magnets to the glass. Instructions for install including glass preparation are shipped with the shade and can be found in instructional videos online on our website and on youtube. If an upper interior corner magnet is lost it is likely being drawn from the glass when the shade isn’t on by a piece of ferrous metal inside the coach, often roller shade endcaps. If this occurs we normally will send an exterior magnet to pair with the interior, this ensures there is always something keeping the magnet pulled tight to the glass, it also has the added benefit of making your corner magnet location stronger, and making it easier to see those locations to make installation even easier.

    $395 for a class A windshield, $200 for a Class B/C windshield in addition to the standard cost

    Digital prints normally take about the same time as our non printed shade, however, they can take longer if there are any issues with the print or the fabric which requires us to have the shade reprinted. This is why we normally don’t offer to expedite digital prints.

    We can provide it is high enough resolution and high enough dpi that it doesn’t create a pixelated or blurry image when blown up to shade size. We have a page that will give you some guidelines (digital print page) on best orientations and sizing for images. Most cell phone photos will not work since they are not the highest quality.

    Very likely no. you can contact the copyright holder for approval and send that approval to us. We will not violate other companies’ copyright and IP rights.

    No, unless listed for commercial reuse images on google are protected by copyrights We have two websites that you can find images on where we can purchase those image rights to use on the shades. The two sites have literally millions of options.

    We do not but we are more than happy to send you some of our popular images or if you want to tell us what sort of image you are looking for our office staff will send you an email with some links to images from the two approved websites you might like as examples.

    The fabric will perform the same regardless of color or image choice, but we do find images with darker colors give you the best view out

    No, but we are working on establishing some relationships with some dealerships to help with that.

    Power windows and a few manual slide windows are built to mount on the body on the rear edge of the window. This means you won’t have a magnet on the moving window which could stop your window from functioning. This is something we always do for power windows. We have photos we can show if needed.

    Yes, the system is designed to be self-installed. The initial windshield install is normally done by two people. One outside on a ladder and one inside the coach. Once the initial install is done then the shades are installed with our install telescoping rod. We send written instructions and there are a variety of install videos on youtube for reference.

    Just call us and we will send you instructions for how to remove the magnets and we will find out where to send you new adhesive to apply the magnets to the new glass. The most important part of the whole process is making sure you don’t store the magnets with exposed adhesive in between for more than a few minutes or you will never get those magnets apart again.

    Yes in Mocksville and Raleigh. There is a cost associated with the install since we do have to stop production for a few members of our team. The normal install time is about 2.5 hours on a windshield and 4 hours on a full set. All installs take place outside and thus are weather depending. This information is true if you arrange for an install at a rally or show as well. That is why we can never make a 100% guarantee on rally install requests.

    We can, that is what we call make and install and there is a charge per window and typically the expedited charge.

    No, our insurance is good for our facilities and the rally complex, but not offsite installs.