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How Does It Work?

The patented Magne Shade™ system uses small but very powerful Rare Earth magnets that are mounted on the inside of the windshield with a hi temperature 3M peel and stick tape. Our shades are designed to fit your coach glass tight, we incorporate a simple and effective Fabric adjustment system in our design so your shades won’t stretch out of shape and sag over time, as a snap type system can. Magne Shade™ is simply the best custom RV shading system in the market place. 



Our system installs safely from the ground with no ladder.



Protect the integrity of coach, our system requires no drilling.



No pulling and stretching the fabric to attach snaps.



Cups eventually fail. You never have to lick a magnet.



Velcro can be unreliable and tends to break down over time.

Featured Products

Window Shades

We use high-quality materials to craft our RV shades, so they won’t dry out and crack from repeated use and sun exposure. Our shades are made from marine grade thread with PVC coating and UV-rated binding. So, you’ll be able to use your shade for a long time without any problems, making them great value for money. Choose a shade to suit your tastes with a variety of color options available for the fabric and binding. But if you want to go a step further when customizing your vehicle, we also offer digital printed shades. Choose a photo that you’ve taken or find a stock image online. 

EZ Fold Tire Shades

We don’t just sell shades for your windows and windshields. We also have tire shades that fit to each of your RV’s tires. Tire shades are protective covers that are placed over your tires to cover the sidewall of the tire. They are made from high-quality fabric with spring steel sewn into the hem so that they remain tight across your tire. They attach simply with an elastic strap that you place around the back of the wheel. The inner hem is cut around the central hub of the tire so that this metal hub is still visible. Place Magne Shade’s tire shades on your tires when you’re camped out or if you store your RV in your driveway, then remove the shades and store them away once you’re ready to drive.

Mirror Covers

Our mirror covers are great for two reasons: They help keep your mirrors clean and unweathered. Made from the same materials as our shades, they are breathable and won’t trap moisture. These are available for both top and side mounted mirrors.

Wiper Covers

Prolong the life of your blades with a pair Wiper Covers. They are made of the same materials as our shades, with a velcro closure on one side. Every Magne Shade windshield shade comes with a free pair.

Happy Customers

These people are fantastic to deal with. Purchased the front and side shades last year for my class A. We cant say enough good things about these folks.
Claudio B.
Winston-Salem, NC
Family owed and operated where all employees have the utmost consideration for the customer and their products. You wont find better anywhere.
Gina M.
Mocksville, NC
Our new magne shade looks fantastic on our Berkshire XL! Installation was well worth it. The techs were knowledgeable and made sure our new shade fit to perfection.
Barbara G.
Charlotte, NC