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    We take great pride in providing a high quality shades to our customers, and the materials we use in our Magne Shade™ products reflects that goal. Our fabrics are PVC coated, the thread is marine grade, and we use Sunbrella UV rated binding making our craftsmanship unmatched. These fabrics block 90% of harmful UV rays and heat from the hot sun. Unlike vinyl fabric, PVC coated fabric will not dry out, stretch out, or crack from the sun and heat. We recommend rolling your shades for storage, in the same way that they are shipped to you. Folding the fabric can result in corners that can become wear points and ultimately damage the fabric over time.

    Our most popular selling color combination is Black Fabric with Black Binding. The black and brown fabrics offer the best heat protection and UV control, while providing the best view out and daytime privacy.

    Fabric Color Options

    Fabric Options for Window Shades

    Binding Color Options

    Black Binding Color Option
    Brown Binding Color Option
    Linen Tweed Binding Color Option
    Linen Tweed
    Marine Blue Binding Color Option
    Marine Blue
    Grey Binding Color Option
    Grey Tweed Binding Color Option
    Charcoal Tweed
    Toast Binding Color Option
    Red Tweed Binding Color Option
    Red Tweed
    Heather Binding Color Option

    Digital Print Shades

    Customize your Magne Shade™¬†even more by choosing an image to have printed on it! There are thousands of images to choose from at and Alternatively, you can have one of your own images printed on your custom shade. There are some general guidelines that need to be followed when selecting an image to be printed:

    Learn more about choosing an image