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Your Guide to RVing on a Budget

Posted on: November 30, 2020 at 4:12 pm, in

An RV trip tends to be a much more cost-friendly alternative to going on vacation by plane and staying in a fancy hotel. Of course, there’s the initial investment of buying a motorhome, but you’ll save money over time as you can use it on trip after trip, year after year.

Still, like any vacation, RVing involves a variety of different costs, from fuel and vehicle maintenance to camping and leisure activities. If you’re planning an RV trip on a small budget, then here are some tips to help you keep costs down.

Find free or low-cost camping sites

Staying at luxury RV parks may be a fun and comfortable option, but it also makes for an expensive vacation. To reduce your daily costs, look for a cheaper RV park or campground, which will likely have fewer hook-ups, facilities, and amenities. Or you can go even further off the grid with boondocking or dispersed camping, which means staying outside of a specified campground, often in a remote location. This means you can camp without spending a cent on the location.

Rely on homemade food

Of course, you also need to eat and drink while you’re traveling in your RV. If you choose to eat out at lots of local cafes, restaurants, and takeout places on the road, then these costs will soon add up. Try packing a variety of non-perishable foods for the trip and stocking up at local grocery stores on your trip to save money by cooking and eating in your RV or under the stars.

Save money on gas

Gas can be one of the biggest costs of RVing for some people, but you can do certain things to reduce it. If you’re still deciding where to go on your trip, then choosing somewhere closer to home would mean that you don’t have to drive as far or spend as much on gas. Staying at one campsite for longer instead of driving around every day will also reduce your gas usage. Plus, here are some tips to help you make your RV more fuel-efficient.

Reduce heating and cooling

The running costs of your RV and the equipment inside it also contributes to the cost of your trip. The more you run your HVAC system, the more energy it will use and the more it will cost. There are certain things you can do to help control the internal temperature of your vehicle, such as ventilating it during warm days and even wrapping up in blankets and layers on cold nights.

RV shades also help to manage the temperature of your RV, providing a layer of insulation on the inside of windows and windshields. Motorhome shades help to block out the heat of the sun during summer and keep the heat inside your RV from escaping through the glass on colder days.

RV shades are the perfect accessory for your motorhome. Check out the different shade options we have available at Magne Shade.

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