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Your Guide to Boondocking

Posted on: November 30, 2020 at 4:10 pm, in

If you’re tired of racking up fees on nightly, weekly, or monthly fees at RV parks, then you could try the alternative of boondocking, also known as dry camping or dispersed camping. If you’re new to RVing or are looking for ways to save money on your trips, then read on to find out more about boondocking and whether it’s right for you.

What is boondocking?

Boondocking involves parking your RV somewhere that isn’t specifically set up for RVs and camping. Instead, you just find some open, public land and set up your RV there. Just make sure that you find a location where you can legally do this. You can click here for a handy search tool that will help you find free camping spots for boondocking.

Pros and cons of boondocking

The main benefit of boondocking is that you don’t have to pay the fees associated with official RV parks and campgrounds. In some places, you may need to pay for a camping pass, but this will be a small fee compared to campsite fees. And in many places, you can boondock completely for free.

Another advantage is that it takes you to the heart of what camping is about; spending time in nature without the luxuries and the hustle and bustle of modern life. By pitching up at a dispersed camping site, you’re surrounded by natural beauty and may even be the only people there.

There can also be downsides to boondocking, though, depending on your sensibilities. You don’t have the usual facilities and hook-ups that you do at RV parks and campgrounds. This puts you at risk of running out of electricity, fresh water, and fuel. But, for some people, this more primal experience is part of the attraction, where you have no luxuries and may have to rely on basic survival skills.

There is also the question of safety when it comes to camping in remote locations, far from civilization. You can’t rely on the ‘safety in numbers’ approach that comes from having lots of RV neighbors, and you may have to hike a long distance if you’re caught without fuel or suffer an injury.

Free camping sites may also have a limit of how long you can stay there, so make sure you check the regulations of the area you’re traveling to.

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