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Why Buying A Motorhome is Better Than Renting

Posted on: December 13, 2019 at 3:41 pm, in

Motorhome vacations are extremely popular across the US. If you’re thinking of jumping into this world, then you’ve got a choice to make to start with – are you going to rent a motorhome or buy your own? Let’s weigh up these two options considering a few different factors.

The costs of buying vs. renting a motorhome

Obviously, buying a motorhome will be a larger initial investment, but it would be worth it. This mostly comes down to how many trips you take and how long your trips are. If you only take your motorhome out once a year for a week’s vacation, then it might not be worth the price of owning a motorhome. Whereas, if you’re taking frequent or long trips, the costs of renting will add up to become more expensive in the long-run.

Is it your first time?

If you’ve never been on a motorhome vacation before, then it might be worth holding off before you buy your own RV. Renting an RV for your first trip will let you see if you enjoy this kind of vacation and if you’re likely to continue taking them. With this knowledge, you can decide whether you want to buy your own.

The convenience

One of the best things about owning a motorhome is that you can hop in and take off on vacation whenever you want. The same can’t be said for renting a motorhome, where you’ll have to plan in advance to decide when you need to rent it and how long for. If it’s your own RV, you could decide to extend your trip without having to deal with any additional costs or paperwork. This might not be an issue for families who have to negotiate around school and work times, but say you’re a retired couple with few obligations; having your own motorhome gives you the ultimate freedom.


Maintaining your motorhome takes additional cost and effort. If you’re renting your RV, then repairs and maintenance should be covered in the rental agreement. If it’s your own motorhome, then it’s your responsibility to arrange and pay for the necessary maintenance.

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