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When is the Best Time of Year to Go RVing?

Posted on: October 30, 2020 at 2:17 pm, in

Some people have truly adopted the RV life and travel in their motorhome all year round, while others just enjoy the occasional trip as a nice break from their everyday life and responsibilities. If you fit into this second category, then you might be wondering when the best times are to plan your RV trips.

Every season has its ups and downs, so let’s look at some of these to help you plan your perfect RV and camping trip.

RVing in the spring

The spring can bring some really nice sunny days that are perfect for hiking and camping as they are slightly cooler than summer temperatures. Spring weather can be unpredictable, however, so you should be sure to pack for all eventualities. Spring is especially a popular time for families camping during spring break.

Spring can also be the best time to see wildlife as animals start to become more active after winter ends and flowers start to bloom. It can, however, be a difficult season for anyone with pollen allergies.

RVing in the summer

Summer is often the most popular time to go camping because of the warm weather and, for families going on vacation, the kids having time off school. It can be much more comfortable going on a hike or relaxing outside your RV when you don’t have to wrap up warm. Just make sure you take plenty of sun protection and keep water with you to stay safe in the sun.

It being the most popular season can also be a downside of summer camping, though. Campsites will be busy and prices may be higher due to it being peak season. You will also have to face a lot of bugs, so don’t forget to pack repellent.

RVing in the fall

Perhaps the best thing about RVing in the fall is the amazing colors from the trees and their falling leaves. Nice views can be made even more spectacular with all the different hues of red and orange brightening them up. Fall is also a perfect choice if summer is too hot for you and winter is too cold. Make sure you go prepared for cooler temperatures and potential rainfall, though.

RVing in the winter

Winter camping isn’t for everyone due to the cold weather and potential frost and snow. Although, having an RV makes it easier as you don’t always have to be out in the cold. You can still keep pretty warm at night sleeping in your RV.

If you’re tough enough to brave the cold, or if you’re heading to an area with relatively mild winters, then winter RVing does have some advantages. Campsites are likely to be much quieter and perhaps cheaper than they are for the rest of the year, and you won’t have to face as many flies and other bugs that are more active during hot weather. Plus, you could enjoy some breath-taking snow-covered landscapes.

Whatever season you’re preparing your motorhome for, make sure it’s properly equipped with windshield shades and other RV accessories from Magne Shade.

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