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What is Glamping?

Posted on: March 31, 2020 at 6:46 pm, in

There are many appealing things about camping. Getting back to nature and away from your busy, everyday life. Some people love the idea of stripping away all the luxuries and tech and going back to basics. But this isn’t for everyone. If you love the idea of living in nature but not the idea of sleeping on the ground in a tent, then glamping could be the solution.

What is glamping?

The term ‘glamping’ is a combination of the words ‘glamorous camping’. It takes many of the basic principles of camping and combines them with more luxurious accommodation and facilities. When glamping, you can enjoy the great outdoors during the day knowing that you’ve got a hot shower and a comfortable bed to return to afterward.

Lots of different accommodation types can be used when glamping, as long as it’s not just a tent and a sleeping bag. This might be a cabin in the woods, a treehouse, or a yurt, for example. Motorhomes are also great options when it comes to glamping.

Glamping in RVs

Motorhome vacations are already a step toward glamping. You can bring a lot more belongings and supplies with you in your RV compared to what you can fit inside a tent and a backpack. You’ve got plumbing facilities, heating and cooling equipment, a fridge to keep your food fresh, and the facilities needed to cook that food. You’ve also got a comfortable bed, maybe even your own bedroom depending on the size of your RV. Class A motorhomes are perfect for glamping, whereas you might enjoy a more rustic camping experience in a class B motorhome.

You can make your RV trip more or less glamorous and luxurious depending on what you pack, your motorhome class, and the facilities and amenities inside your RV. The spot you choose to camp in will also have an effect. If you take your RV out to a remote location, then you can still enjoy much of the authentic experience of traditional camping, or you can choose a campground with lots of facilities, amenities, and even luxuries.

What kind of camping do you prefer? Is it all about living the simple life or do you need your creature comforts with you? If you’re kitting your RV out for your next camping or glamping trip, then check out the range of RV shades we have in stock to boost the comfort and privacy of your trip. Get in touch for more information or to receive a quote for your RV.

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