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What Class is Your Motorhome?

Posted on: March 12, 2020 at 5:48 pm, in

Here at Magne Shade, we have windshield shades to suit class A, B, or C motorhomes. But what’s the difference, and how can you figure out which class your RV fits into? This article is going to answer these questions and more to make sure all RV owners know what to buy when shopping with Magne Shade.

Class A

Many of the differences between the different motorhome classes come down to size, with class A being the largest. This also makes them the costliest as you are getting what you pay for. This means more space inside the vehicle and more comfortable living. They feature a lot of appliances and amenities, and even have a separate bedroom at the rear of the vehicle. If you go on long trips with the whole family and want the comfort of home, then the class A RV is a great choice.

One problem that comes with the size and weight of this RV class is that they have pretty poor fuel economy. This also makes them difficult to maneuver down narrow roads or into small campsites.

Class B

Just to confuse things, the class B motorhome is actually the smallest of the three classes. It is essentially a campervan but has enough space inside to allow you to stand up. It comes with very few appliances and features compared to the class A, but does allow for more compact and flexible travel. They have all the basic features you’d need, like hot water, toilet facilities, and HVAC. As the lightest, it is also much more fuel-efficient, making it cheaper to run. Class B motorhomes are a great choice for couples or solo travelers that don’t mind traveling light.

Class C

The class C motorhome is like the happy medium between classes A and B, both in terms of size and fuel economy. They have much more space and many more features than the class B, but aren’t as expensive to buy or operate as the class A. Most are characterized by a compartment over the vehicle’s cab, which can either be used for additional storage or as a sleeping area. This helps to create more space in the living quarters of the vehicle. If you’re traveling as a family or want more space and comfort as a couple, then these vehicles are a good option.

Make sure you get the best RV shades to suit your vehicle. As well as RV window shades and windshield shades to keep the sun out of your vehicle, we also have high-quality tire shades to protect your tires from sun damage. Get in touch if you have any questions about our products, or request a quote today.

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