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What Are Tire Shades for Your Motor Home?

Posted on: September 24, 2019 at 2:20 pm, in

Here at Magne Shade, we don’t just sell shades for your windows and windshields. We also have tire shades that fit to each of your RV’s tires. “What are tire shades?” you may ask. Read on to find out all you need to know about this product and why it’s a must-have for your RV.

What are tire shades?

Tire shades are protective covers that are placed over your tires to cover the sidewall of the tire. They are made from high-quality fabric with spring steel sewn into the hem so that they remain tight across your tire. They attach simply with an elastic strap that you place around the back of the wheel. The inner hem is cut around the central hub of the tire so that this metal hub is still visible.

Place Magne Shade’s tire shades on your tires when you’re camped out or if you store your RV in your driveway, then remove the shades and store them away once you’re ready to drive.

What are the benefits of using RV tire shades?

The main purpose of tire shades is to protect the sidewall of your tire from the weather and other external threats. In particular, the exterior grade fabric with 100% UV resistance protects your tires from sun damage. The harmful UV rays can cause gradual damage to your tires over time as well as fading. Since your tires are so crucial to the safety and control of your vehicle, it’s important that they’re well looked after. As well as the weather, tire shades can also provide protection against wildlife, such as insects and snakes.

The black material of our tires shades blends in well with your tires. And with the central hub still visible, onlookers can barely tell that shades are fitted to your tires. This makes your RV visually pleasing even with the shades on.

Tire shades are simple to set up, remove, and store away. Take the shade out of its storage back and unfold it. It’ll pop right up, ready to put into place. Then just wrap the elastic strap around the back of the wheel and you’re all set up. To store the shades, remove the strap from the back and then twist and fold it into a compact size, as seen in this video. It can then go back into its storage bag so that it barely takes up any space.

If you want tire shades or other motor home shades for your RV, get in touch with Magne Shade to request a quote, or take a look at our selection of quality products.

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