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Tips for Storing Your Motorhome

Posted on: April 14, 2020 at 3:20 pm, in


If it’s going to be a while before you take your next road trip, then you’ll need to think about how and where you store your RV in the meantime. You don’t want it to deteriorate or become damaged for the next time you take it out, so where you park your RV and how you store it matters. Here are some of our tips for storing your RV between trips.

At home vs. a storage facility

There are storage facilities designed for storing motorhomes during the off-season. This is a great solution if you don’t have adequate storage space at home, but it can be costly. According to Camper Report, here are the prices you could expect to pay per month:

Outdoor storage facility – $30 – $100

Indoor storage facility – $50 – $125

Indoor heated storage facility – $100 – $500

Those figures will certainly add up if you’re not going to be traveling for several months, but it might be the only option for some RV owners. Plus, you know that your RV is secure and, with indoor storage, that it is protected from the elements.

Other than the cost savings, there are benefits to storing your RV at home. In particular, you can easily access it to clean and maintain your RV. This might be more difficult to do, or even impossible, at some storage facilities.

Indoors vs. outdoors

Storing your RV indoors is a much safer option. As well as keeping it sheltered from weather damage, indoor storage is also more secure so your RV is less likely to be stolen or vandalized. But as the prices show above, indoor storage is much more expensive.

If you’re storing your RV at home, then you might not have space to keep it indoors depending on the size of your RV and garage. People with class A motorhomes will especially find it difficult to store their vehicle indoors at home. The alternative for most people will be parking their motorhome in their driveway, but then there might not be space for other vehicles that your family drive.

Covering your RV

Especially if you are storing your RV at home, it is important that you cover it properly. Placing a good-quality cover over your RV will help to protect it from the sun’s rays as well as other types of weather, like wind, rain, and snow. RV covers can also help with temperature control, preventing elements of your motorhome from freezing or overheating. Tire shades are also a good idea to help protect your tires while you store your RV.

If you need RV shades to cover and protect your vehicle while you store it, then contact Magne Shade to request a quote for your motorhome.

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