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Tips for RVing with Young Children

Posted on: March 31, 2020 at 6:47 pm, in

You used to love going on motorhome trips as a couple, but now there are kids in the picture, why should that be any different? Sure, having kids changes a lot, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the things you used to, including RVing. But you have to make sure you’re well-prepared for an RV trip with young children or babies, so we’ve got some tips to help you through it.

Find a suitable car seat

The laws on using car seats and booster seats will vary depending on which state you’re in, but it is essential to follow these and ensure that your child is safe while traveling. Make sure you get and properly fit a child seat that is compatible with your vehicle. It should not be fitted in the front of the motorhome and also not on a side-facing seat.

Pack plenty of supplies for them

You don’t want to be stuck on a motorhome vacation without enough diapers, formula, clean clothes, or snacks for your kids. And you certainly don’t want to have to cut your trip short because you didn’t pack enough. We know space can be a premium in motorhomes, but it is essential that you pack more than enough supplies needed for babies and infants.

Keep them entertained

You also don’t want to be stuck inside an RV with a bored or screaming kid, so make sure you’ve got plenty of options to distract and entertain them. Pack lots of small, lightweight toys together in a box or drawer. This way they have plenty to choose from when it comes to playtime, but you can tidy them away and not have them take up too much space afterward.

Electronics like tablets and laptops are also good for keeping them occupied, especially on rainy days. Download their favorite films and TV shows onto a device so they have plenty to watch. Travel-sized board games and a pack of cards can also provide fun for the whole family.

RV childproofing tips

Make sure you’re RV is a safe environment for children and infants, just like you would do at home. Any chemicals or other toxic materials should be kept locked away or well out of reach of children. If there are any unsafe areas, make sure these are cordoned off. Cover any sharp corners that they might bump into, especially those at head height.

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