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Tips for RVing with Kids and Teens

Posted on: February 1, 2021 at 4:14 pm, in

Settling down and starting a family doesn’t mean you can’t still go on adventures. No matter what ages your kids are, you can plan fun RV and camping trips that work around them. Whether they already love the outdoors or you’re getting them to try something new, read on for some tips on how to have great RV trips with the kids in tow.

Get them involved

When your kids are a bit older, it can be fun for everyone to let them get involved with planning the trip. Where would they like to go? What activities would they like to do? Check maps together and research areas to get them excited about the upcoming trip. You might also want to get them involved with the RV and packing. What do they want to bring with them? Would they like to decorate their sleeping area in the RV?

Bring plenty of entertainment

Long days spent driving or stuck inside during bad weather will likely result in bored and moaning kids. Make sure you pack plenty of things to keep them entertained in these situations while being mindful of how much space you have in your RV. Pack books, cards, and compact board games, download films onto a tablet or laptop, and consider a handheld games console to keep them entertained. If they’re old enough, they may also have a phone to keep them entertained, but make sure they know that they might not always have a phone signal or Wi-Fi.

Make sure they know the rules

Living and traveling in an RV is different from living at home in a lot of ways, so there will likely be new ground rules to set. Make sure they know how everything works on the RV and how to stay safe while on the road as well as at RV parks and campgrounds. You should also teach them the rules of the campgrounds you stay at to make sure they are respectful to the area and other campers. You might want to give everyone jobs or chores they are responsible for throughout the trip.

Encourage your teens

Some teenagers may be reluctant to go on family vacations and get involved in activities. Giving them their space is often important, but you should also try to encourage them as much as possible to get involved. If you insist that they take part in something, then chances are they’ll end up enjoying it after they stop resisting. They’ll be happy that they didn’t miss out on those family memories in the end. If possible, it might help to allow your teen to bring a friend along on the trip.

RVing with the whole family makes for some amazing trips, so start planning your next RV adventure today. Get in touch with Magne Shade for a quote on our windshield shades and other essentials for your RV.

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