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The Most Common Motorhome Issues

Posted on: January 22, 2020 at 4:03 pm, in


Like any vehicle, your motorhome is going to require some maintenance and TLC along the way. And since it’s also a type of living quarters, it’s going to have some additional maintenance needs that traditional vehicles don’t. As an RV owner, it helps to be prepared for the speedbumps ahead. So, we’ve gathered some of the most common motorhome issues that owners face, and some tips on how to get past them.


Leaks in your RV aren’t just uncomfortable, they can also cause a great deal of water damage and mold growth, especially if they’re not caught early. Unfortunately, leaks coming from windows, doors, and the roof are fairly common for RV owners. Their regular exposure to the elements and the bumps and scrapes they might pick up on your journeys can lead to weak spots.

Roof covers can help to prevent leaks coming from the roof. Regularly inspecting and maintaining your RV will also help to prevent leaks. Check the weather stripping and sealant around doors and windows to make sure it’s still in good condition, and have it repaired or replaced if there are cracks.

If you have a leaky roof, then a roof patch-kit might be able to match it up, although this may just be a temporary solution in the case of serious leaks. Call a professional for RV maintenance to properly fix a leak.

Burst water lines

If you tend to take motorhome vacations in cold weather, then the water lines are at risk of freezing and bursting. Or this problem could strike during the winter when your RV is parked at home. If possible, park your RV inside during the winter months and keep the room temperate. If you have no choice but to park it outside, then an RV cover can help to protect it a little from the weather.

If you’re going on a trip, then make sure your RV is properly winterized. But water pressure problems can cause this problem at other times of the year, too. To avoid this problem, install a water pressure regulator on your water intake hose.

Toilet problems

Your RV’s plumbing system is something you’re not used to in normal vehicles, and it differs quite a bit from your home plumbing. Unfortunately, clogs and other malfunctions can occur, and they can be messy. You should buy toilet paper designed for use in RVs as these are easier for the system to flush and break down. And make sure there’s always sufficient water when you flush the toilet.

Another way to avoid common RV toilet problems is to close your black water drain valve. This will stop all the water from draining away before the solids, ensuring there is enough to break down any material that could otherwise cause clogs.

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