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The Damage Sun Can Do to Your RV

Posted on: January 7, 2020 at 5:04 pm, in

When you go out in the sun, it’s important to cover up and wear sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. That’s something we’re taught from a young age. But did you know that your vehicles also need protecting from the sun?

Parking your car in the garage helps to keep it out of the sun, but what about RVs when you’re out on spring or summer vacations? They spend long days in the sun, and it can be damaging to the vehicle.

How does the sun damage your RV?

UV rays affect different materials and surfaces in different ways. Painted surfaces and colored plastics will fade over time from prolonged exposure to the sun, leaving your RV looking duller than you’d like. Paint can dry out and start to crack. The upholstery and other fabrics inside your RV will even start to fade from the sun’s rays shining through windows, the sunroof, and windshield.

Anything rubber can suffer a lot of damage from the sun. The rays and heat from the sun cause rubber to weaken over time, becoming cracked and damaged. Seals around windows and doors can be affected in this way, which could make your RV less than weatherproof. This means your tires are also at risk, and weak or damaged tires are a big safety risk on the road.

Ways to protect your RV from the sun

There are lots of ways to protect your RV from the sun’s harmful rays, even while you’re traveling and can’t park it in a garage. Firstly, when choosing a spot to park your RV when camping, try to find a shaded spot. Particularly, choose a spot that will be in the shade during the early afternoon when the sun is at its strongest.

To protect your tires from becoming weakened and damaged, you can buy tire shades that will keep them protected from the sun. These easily strap onto your tires when the RV is stationary, and they are barely noticeable. But they block the sun’s rays from damaging the rubber of the tires.

RV shades for windshields and windows also help to stop the sun’s rays from shining into the vehicle. As well as controlling the internal temperature of the motorhome, this will also prevent your furniture and upholstery from becoming faded or damaged.

Between trips, if you don’t have a garage large enough to park your RV out of the sun and other elements, then an RV cover can come in handy. This will cover the entire RV and is the next best thing if you can’t park it inside.

If you need windshield shades and tire shades to protect your RV from the sun’s UV rays, then get in touch to get a quote from Magne Shade.

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