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Supporting National Parks

Posted on: April 30, 2021 at 3:36 pm, in


There are lots of incredible national parks across the US (more than 400 of them!), and they make for great places to visit or stay in during your RV trips. These areas of natural beauty and the wildlife found in them are well-preserved by the National Park Service so that we can continue to enjoy them in all their glory for generations to come.

If you love our national parks, then you might want to find ways to support them. So, let’s look at a few ways you can do this…

Donating to national parks

While our national parks are funded by the federal government, donations from individuals and businesses through organizations like the National Park Foundation help to fund a variety of projects and improvements to the parks. You can donate to specific parks individually, which you may want to do if there’s a park that you love and visit often, or one in your local area. Or you can donate to the National Park Foundation, either monthly or as a one-off donation.

Volunteering at a national park

You may choose to donate your time to a national park rather than your money, which is a great thing to do! Your local national park may need support with certain projects or with cleaning up the park. You could contact a specific park directly to see if they are currently accepting volunteers for anything, or check out this link to find more opportunities with the National Park Service.

Keep visiting!

Every time you visit a national park, you’re supporting it in one way or another. While some parks are free to enter, others require entry fees that help to fund the park’s efforts. Maybe you’ll visit a gift shop while you’re there and buy some souvenirs for yourself or loved ones, supporting that shop and the park as a whole.

Even when you don’t spend money, visiting the parks is great for education and awareness. Once you see how incredible these places are, you’ll truly understand how important they are and will, hopefully, want to contribute to their conservation.

Spread the word

Whether you tell your friends how amazing your trip was or you post some beautiful photos on Instagram, you’re getting the word out about how amazing our national parks are. And this will hopefully make others want to visit and support the parks themselves.

If you’re planning an RV trip around some of the country’s National Parks, then make sure your RV is prepared. Check out the range of RV shades and accessories we have available, or contact us directly to get a quote for your vehicle.

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