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Nano Shades for Your RV

Posted on: September 30, 2020 at 4:41 pm, in

We have a variety of RV shades to help maintain comfort and privacy inside your RV while also helping to protect the condition of your RV. Our newest Magne Shade product is an innovative alternative for your motorhome – nano shades. Read on to find out more about these nano shades, how they work, and the benefits of buying these shades for your RV.

What are nano shades?

Our nano shades are interior motorhome shades made from the same high-quality, durable, and flexible material as our exterior shades. Unlike our exterior shades that securely attach to your windows and windshields using strong magnets, these interior shades stick to the inside of your windows using nano tape.

Nano tape has thousands of microscopic suction cups on one side that easily stick to the glass or any other non-porous surface. This tape covers the width of your nano shade. All your have to do is position the shade where you like and then run your hand across the nano tape to stick it in place.

What are the benefits of using nano shades?

Nano shades help to give you privacy inside your RV, allowing you to easily see out through the shades while obscuring the view of anyone looking in. This makes quiet days spent inside your RV more relaxing, while also providing some security as onlookers won’t be able to see if you have valuables inside your motorhome.

The shades also help to reduce glare from the sun and heat transmitted through the window from the sun’s rays. This makes it easier to control the temperature inside your RV, making you more comfortable.

Magne Shade’s Nano Shades are also extremely easy to install, as described above. The nano tape adheres strongly to the inside of your windows, making sure they stay in place. At the same time, they are also easy to remove if you want to adjust them or store them away. Even better, the nano tape won’t leave behind a sticky residue once removed.

Whatever the size of your RV and its windows, we can cut our nano shades to size to custom fit your vehicle. Ensure comfort and privacy inside your RV with an accessory that looks great, too.

If you’re interested in purchasing nano shades for your RV, or any of our other styles of motorhome shades, then get in touch with Magne Shade to get a custom quote to meet your needs.

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