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More RV Accessories from Magne Shade

Posted on: August 27, 2020 at 7:02 pm, in

At Magne Shade, we have a variety of different window and windshield shades to help control the temperature inside your RV, block out UV rays, and keep you comfortable. But that’s not all we have to offer. Read on to find out about the other types of shades and covers we have that will help to keep your motorhome protected.

Mirror covers

Made from the same type of fabric as our RV windshield shades, these mirror covers fit easily over your RV’s mirrors, available for both top and side-mounted mirrors. Our mirror covers create a barrier against dust and debris, helping to keep your mirrors clean and protected from wear and tear.

They also help to protect against the weather, including wear from rain, hail, and wind, as well as blocking out the sun’s rays, which can cause your motorhome’s finish to fade. While providing protection, the material of these covers is still breathable and won’t trap moisture between the cover and your mirror.

Wiper covers

Keep your wiper blades protected from the elements and everyday wear and tear while you’re parked or keeping your RV in storage. Magne Shade’s wiper covers are made from the same material as our regular RV shades, protecting from dust, debris, and UV rays. Each wiper cover has a Velcro fastening on one side, making them quick and easy to fit and remove.

Just let us know the length of your wiper blades and the type of washer nozzles you have on your wiper arms to get the right product for your RV. Currently, if you buy a windshield shade from Magne Shade, you get a pair of our wiper covers for free.

Tire shades

Our tire shades cover the sidewall of your tires to keep them protected from harsh weather and other causes of wear and tear while your vehicle is parked. These shades are made from an exterior grade fabric with a high UV resistance, preventing the gradual damage and degradation caused by the sun’s rays.

Our tire shades fit easily and quickly fold away so you can store them without taking up too much space in your home or RV. Their design ensures that you can hardly tell they’re on your tires when fitted, blending in so as not to spoil the aesthetic of your vehicle.

What accessories do you need for your RV? Get in touch with Magne Shade if you have any questions about our products or to get a quote for your motorhome needs.

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