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Keeping Entertained While Stuck Indoors

Posted on: April 29, 2020 at 8:33 pm, in

One of the best parts of RVing is exploring the sights around new locations, but we know that’s not always possible. Whether you’re stuck at home or are planning activities for rainy days on your next RV trip, we thought we would put together some ideas to help keep you entertained, beyond the usual ideas of watching TV or reading a book.

Board and card games

There is a massive variety of games you could play with the family. Maybe you already have a good selection of board games at home to choose from. You can also buy a range of travel-sized games that are suitable for taking with you on your RV trip. Learning and playing a new board game could make a great afternoon’s entertainment. Even a simple deck of cards opens up lots of possibilities for different variations of games. Here are some you could try out.

Arts and crafts

Being stuck inside is also a great time to get creative. Stock up on arts and crafts supplies and see what you can create. You can start simple with drawing or painting, and perhaps take inspiration from the surroundings of your RV. Or you could craft things like jewelry or hand puppets. You could craft out of paper, clay, wood, and a variety of other materials.

Tell stories

Instead of each of you sitting alone glued to a book or a screen, why not make up stories to tell to each other? Whether you prefer scary stories or fairy tales, get your creative minds thinking to share your ideas. Or you could band together to tell a story, each of you pitching in ideas or continuing the next part of the narrative.

Keep a journal

Even if you feel bored now, this could be an interesting time to look back on and read all about what you were doing or how you were feeling. Get all your thoughts, feelings, and ideas down into a journal to keep yourself entertained, work through your feelings, and to look back on in the future.

Build a fort

Whether you’re in your living room at home or inside the RV, everything feels more fun when you’re inside a fort that you made yourself. And building the fort is a big part of the fun, too. Pillows and blankets are great fort-building materials, so gather them all together and see what you can do. You might also be able to utilize cardboard boxes or other materials you have on hand.

A day stuck inside doesn’t have to be boring. There are lots of ways to keep you and your family entertained. If you’re stuck inside and can’t take your RV out for a while, then make sure it’s protected wherever you park it with the help of RV shades from Magne Shade. Contact us anytime for a quote.

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