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Keeping Entertained on Long Drives

Posted on: September 30, 2020 at 4:37 pm, in

You’ve probably packed loads of books, toys, games, and digital devices to keep the kids entertained in the back of the RV. But what about whoever’s in the driver’s seat. Long drives can be boring and tiring, but it’s essential that you stay alert while driving. The trip will also be more fun for you if you have plenty of ways to keep entertained.

Make a road trip mix

Don’t get stuck listening to the same CD on repeat for the entire journey. Prepare your favorite music before your trip to listen to and sing along to while you drive. You could pack a load of CDs to switch between, but this could take up a lot of space.

A better option is to make a Spotify playlist with hours of your favorite songs, or fill an iPod with your music instead. Most modern RVs can connect to smart devices either by Bluetooth or through a USB connection. This allows you to easily skip songs and control the music you listen to while driving.

Listen to podcasts and audiobooks

You might not want to listen to music the whole way, so add some variety by downloading podcasts or audiobooks to listen to. These are perfect for keeping you entertained when everyone else in the RV has decided to take a nap.

You can find podcasts on pretty much any topic imaginable, so start searching for some that interest you. And lots of fiction and non-fiction books are available as audiobooks, some even being read to you by celebrities.

Play driving games

When your travel partners are awake and not glued to a screen, play some road trip games with them to keep you all entertained. There are lots of word games you can play, such as choosing a category and naming something from that category for each letter of the alphabet. I spy is another fun driving game, as is the license plate game, where you try to spot license plates from as many different states as possible.

This article has some more driving games for you to try on your next road trip.

How do you keep entertained on long drives? Preparing before your trip can help to keep your road trip fun for everyone, even when you’re stuck in traffic. Make sure your drive is comfortable, too, by preparing all the equipment and accessories you need for your trip. Window shades help to filter the sun’s rays to keep the back of your RV comfortable and not too hot. Contact Magne Shade to get a quote for all your RV shades.

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