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Interior vs. Exterior RV Shades

Posted on: October 14, 2019 at 1:57 pm, in

There are various different types of shades you can buy for your RV, most of which are designed to protect your motor home from the heat and UV rays of the sun. One major difference between RV shades is whether they are fitted on the inside or the outside of your windshield/windows.

Here at Magne Shade, we sell exterior motor home shades for your windows, windshield, and even your tires. Let’s look at the differences between interior and exterior RV shades and help you decide which type is right for you.

What’s the difference between interior and exterior RV shades?

The main difference between interior and exterior shades should be obvious – one is fitted on the inside of the RV while the other is fitted on the outside of it. How each type of shade fits to the RV will depend on the make and style of the shade, but what’s consistent is that an interior shade will fit behind the glass and an exterior shade will fit in front of the glass.

Why are exterior shades better than interior ones?

Both types of shade are ideal for providing you with privacy inside your motorhome, but most people buy RV shades to help with temperature control. Motor home shades are designed to block the rays from the sun so that less heat is transmitted into the vehicle.

Based on this factor, exterior shades tend to perform better because they intercept the sun’s rays earlier than interior shades do. By the time the sunlight has reached an interior shade, it has already transmitted through the glass of the windshield or window. This means some heat has already transferred into the vehicle. The same goes in winter for insulating a vehicle from the cold outside.

Interior shades do stop most of the heat from increasing the interior temperature of the RV because the heat is trapped in between the shade and the glass. But this can cause another problem – condensation, especially when the temperature outside starts to drop. Condensation creates excess moisture inside your RV that can lead to problems like mold and rust. Exterior shades don’t create this problem.

One reason some people prefer interior shades is because they won’t get wet in bad weather, and wet shades can be unpleasant to pack away. But, for the most part, exterior shades are the better option.

If you need windshield shades to keep your RV cool on hot days, then get in touch or request a quote from Magne Shade.

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