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How to Stay Warm on Your RV Trip

Posted on: March 2, 2021 at 5:13 pm, in


Don’t let the weather or the season stop you from getting out on the road and enjoying an RV trip. Whether you’re planning a winter road trip or just want to be prepared for potential cold spells at any time of year, we’ve got some tips to help you keep warm on your RV trip.

Heating your RV

Your RV should have some kind of heating system, such as a furnace or a heat pump. Run this as and when you need it to keep the inside of your RV warm and comfortable. Before you set off, make sure your heating system is working properly, is well-maintained, and that you have enough fuel for it if this is needed.

If you’re traveling during particularly cold weather, you may also want to bring along a portable heater for additional warmth.

Wrap up warm

If you’re always relying on heating systems to keep your RV warm, then you could end up using a lot of energy and spending a lot of money. So, it helps to use other means of warmth where possible. For those cold nights in your RV, make sure you pack plenty of blankets and sweaters to keep you and your family warm.

Get out of wet clothes

If you’ve just arrived back at your RV after a hike or another activity, then changing into a fresh set of clothes as soon as possible can help you stay warm. If you got rained on while on your walk, keeping any wet clothes on will make it difficult to warm back up inside your RV. Even if the weather is fine, you’re likely to have been sweating on your walk, so make sure you take off any clothes that are wet or damp from sweat.

Insulate your RV

It’s not just about how much heat you create inside the RV, but also about how much heat is potentially being lost through the walls and windows of your vehicle. A properly insulated RV will help to reduce this loss, helping to keep the heat in and the cold out. This will help you reduce your heating costs as the heater will more effectively be able to heat the space.

Fitting RV shades on your windows and windshields also adds some insulation to your vehicle. Magne Shade’s RV shades help to trap a layer of cold air between the shade and the glass, reducing the amount of cold air that is transmitted into your living space.

If you need windshield shades for your RV, then take a look at the high-quality products we have available, or get in touch to get a quote for your motorhome.

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