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How to Stay Eco-Friendly While RVing

Posted on: July 15, 2020 at 1:35 pm, in

Living in an RV is pretty environmentally-friendly compared to how most of us usually live. However, driving such a large vehicle around a lot can seriously contribute to your carbon footprint (although less so than flying for a vacation). How green your RV trips are depends a lot on how many miles you cover and your energy usage inside your RV.

If you’re concerned about your environmental impact, then here are some tips to remain eco-friendly while you’re RVing.

Reduce HVAC use

Heating and cooling your RV helps you stay comfortable, whatever the weather. But it can use up a lot of fuel. Look for ways to warm up or keep cool on your RV trips without always relying on the HVAC system. Pack warm blankets for those colder evenings and ventilate your RV to get a cool breeze running through it on hot days.

Parking in the shade will help to prevent your RV from getting too hot, or try parking in direct sunlight on colder days if the sun is out. Installing RV shades can also help you control the temperature inside your RV, blocking out the sun’s rays in the summer and insulating your windows in winter.

Turn your RV solar

A good way to cut your carbon emissions and save money is by generating your own energy. Especially great for summer RV vacations, you can install solar panels on the roof of your RV. This could replace your generator if you can amass enough energy, or be used in conjunction with your generator. This article from RV Share has more information on the costs and installation of RV solar panels.

Travel light

The heavier your vehicle is, the greater fuel consumption it usually has. So, starting with the size of the vehicle itself, you might want to opt for a class B or C motorhome rather than the more luxurious class A if you’re aiming for eco-friendly travel. What you pack into your motorhome will also increase the weight, so try to just pack the essentials, and look for light and compact versions of the items you need. Here are some more tips for conserving fuel on the road.

Renewable, recycled, and reusable materials

The items and materials you use in your RV and on your trips could have a big impact on the environment. Many people opt for disposable items, like plates and utensils, for the convenience. Ditch these in favor of regular plates, cups, and cutlery to reduce your waste. If you’re decorating or renovating inside your RV, then choose recycled or sustainable materials over plastic-based products.

How green is your RV travel? Get in touch with Magne Shade if you’re looking for windshield shades, tire shades, and other RV shades to fully kit out your motorhome.

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