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How to Make Your RV Battery Last Longer

Posted on: February 26, 2020 at 4:45 pm, in

It’s no fun when your car gets a flat battery. If you’re trying to get somewhere, then you’re basically stuck until you can jumpstart your battery or get it repaired or replaced if needed. But in an RV, a flat battery is an even bigger nuisance. Your RV battery system isn’t just a necessity when it comes to driving, but also for everyday living while on the road. You need it to power your RV’s HVAC system, the lights, smoke detectors, water pump, and more.

Many motorhome-friendly campsites have spots where you can charge your RV’s batteries, but it still helps to know how to keep your battery running for longer when you need it. Here are some tips to help you make your RV battery last longer while camping…

Maintain batteries properly

Like with the rest of your RV, your battery system requires maintenance to keep it working optimally. The type of battery you have will determine what maintenance it needs and how often. It’s a good idea to regularly monitor the charge of your battery and recharge it when required. Cleaning the terminals occasionally and checking water and electrolyte levels are also important maintenance tasks.

Keep unneeded appliances switched off

If you’re running a lot of electrics in your RV while the engine’s not running, you will be slowly draining the battery. Make sure you’re only using what’s needed and switch off or unplug devices after you use them. Don’t leave your phone charging all day, for example, at the expense of your RV battery.

Other temperature control methods

You can place less demand on your AC or heater by using other methods for keeping the temperature comfortable inside your RV. And using your HVAC less will mean you’re not draining your battery while you camp. Tips like keeping your RV well-ventilated and parking in the shade can help you keep temperatures down on hot, sunny days. And make sure you properly insulate and winterize your motorhome in cold seasons.

Whether it’s hot or cold, RV shades help you control the temperature inside your motorhome. In the summer, windshield shades block the sun’s rays and prevent both heat and UV light from fully passing through into your RV and raising the internal temperature. And in winter, your RV windshield shade helps to trap the cold air between the shade and your RV windshield, helping to prevent temperatures from dropping.

If you’re looking for motorhome shades and tire shades to upgrade your next road trip, then see what Magne Shade have to offer for RV owners around Winston Salem, Mocksville, Lewisville, and Bermuda Run. Contact us for a quote today.

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