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How to Maintain Your Magne Shade

Posted on: November 13, 2019 at 4:00 pm, in

We’re proud to say that our RV shades are built to last. When you invest in a Magne Shade for your motorhome, you can ensure that it’s high-quality and incredibly durable. Still, the way you look after your motorhome shades can impact how long they last you. With this in mind, we’ve got some tips to help you maintain and look after your shades properly.

Storing your Magne Shade

The most important part of keeping your RV shade in good condition is storing it properly. First of all, make sure your shades are dry before you store them. The best way to pack them away is to roll them, not fold them! If your shade is left folded for long periods of time, then it can become weaker along the creases. Rolling the fabric prevents this.

You should roll your shade in such a way that the magnets are not aligned to repel each other, as this can weaken their force over time. A handy trick is to roll your shade around something, such as a pool noodle, to help it keep its shape. You can also buy a storage bag to make it easier to store away your shades. If you have our tire shades, then these come folded up in a storage bag and are easy to fold away.

Cleaning your RV shade

Occasionally cleaning your motor home shade helps to keep it looking clean and new. It also removes all the dust, dirt, and other particles that could have an abrasive effect on the material over time. It is best to use a soft brush and a mixture of warm water and mild detergent to clean the material on the front and back of the shade. Rinse any remaining detergent off with water and then leave the shade to dry before packing it away or using it again. Vacuuming your shade before cleaning it can also help to remove dust and other debris.

Cleaning your windshield

Affixing a shade to your windshield requires some friction between the two surfaces to allow the shade to stick securely. When you’re cleaning your RV’s windshield, make sure you don’t use any slick treatments on the glass. Doing so will reduce the friction between the windshield and the material surrounding the magnets, meaning your shade could come loose or even fall off.

Digitally printed shades require a little extra care as the pattern printed on them can be more susceptible to scratching than plain shades. But whichever product you have, looking after it in the ways listed here should make it last in good condition for a long time. Get in touch with us if you have any more questions about maintaining your RV shades.

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