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How to Keep Your RV Cool on Hot Days

Posted on: August 7, 2019 at 2:02 pm, in

Whether you’re driving down the highway on a hot day or you’ve set up camp in the direct sunlight, your RV can get uncomfortably hot on those summer trips. Installing and running an air conditioner is the obvious solution, but it can get expensive. So, to keep you comfortable without the crazy costs, here are some tips for keeping your RV cool on hot days.

Choose where you park wisely

The more direct sunlight your RV gets, the more it will heat up on the inside. So, whether you’re stopping for a break somewhere or you’re pitching up for a few nights, think about where you’re parking your vehicle. Look for shade if possible. If not, think about which direction your RV is facing. If the biggest window will be facing the afternoon sun, things are going to get very hot.

Install shades

You can’t avoid the sun all of the time, but you can mitigate its effect on your vehicle. Installing RV shades on your windshield and windows will help to block out some of the heat from the sun, keeping your vehicle as cool as possible on the inside. This also helps to stop the sun’s UV rays from penetrating your windows. Check out the range of windshield shades that we have to offer.

Keep your RV ventilated

You don’t want the sun beating down from outside, but you could benefit from the breeze. Opening windows that aren’t in direct sunlight will let some fresh air into your RV and can lower the internal temperature. Make sure to keep doors and windows shut as much as possible when they are in the sun. Installing fans or pumps can also help to ventilate your RV by bringing the cool air in while pushing the warm air out.

Try to produce less heat

It’s not just the heat coming in from outside that makes temperatures rise. Certain appliances you use inside your RV will also produce heat. Try to cook food outside if possible so all that heat isn’t being trapped inside your RV. Lightbulbs can also produce a lot of heat, so try switching to LED bulbs as these don’t heat up very much. And make sure you turn off appliances and electronics when you’re not using them.

You don’t want to be sweating inside your RV for the entire vacation, so take these steps to keep your vehicle cool. And you can stay cool in the outdoors, too, by bringing an awning along so you can relax in the shade. Get in touch with Magne Shade if you need motor home shades for your RV.

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