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How to Have More Space in Your RV

Posted on: January 9, 2020 at 4:46 pm, in

One of the rewarding challenges of a motorhome vacation is cutting back on unnecessary luxuries and living out of a small, simple space for a few days or weeks. Still, you don’t want to be crammed into your RV with hardly any space to move around or get comfortable, especially if you’re traveling with the whole family.

With this in mind, we’ve got some tips to help you maximize the space in your RV for your next trip…

Go back to basics

The first thing you should do when packing for an RV trip is to decide what you actually need to take with you. Do you really need 5 books to keep you entertained or will 1 be enough? And do you really need a different outfit for every day? Chances are there are things you can cut back on, so you’re not wasting space in your RV for storing unnecessary items.

Buy travel products

Traveling is much easier than it used to be because there are lots of products designed specifically to make it easier for you. Items designed for travel or more compact and portable, so they’ll take up less space in your RV when stored away. Products designed for camping can also come in handy.

Optimize your RV’s storage

Now that you’ve eliminated all your excess and bulky belongings, the next step is making sure you have an efficient storage system inside your RV for keeping everything in its place and out of the way. You particularly want to store your belongings without taking up too much floor space, as this is a precious commodity when living in a small space.

Think of all the nooks and crannies that could be used for storage, and then maximize that space. Under the bed, inside cabinets, drawers, and closets, and the walls of your RV can all be used for storage without eating into your space. Think about the best things to store in each place and how you can fit the most into that space. Dividers inside drawers, for example, can help you fit more in and organize your storage better.

Many RVs also have a large space underneath the floor that can be used for storage, so make sure you make the most of this, too.

If you need more advice on RV living or are looking for accessories for your motorhome, then Magne Shade can provide you with quality RV shades and tire shades for your vehicle. Get in touch for our support.

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