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Frequently Asked Questions

In the video below we answer a few of the questions asked most often by our customers. Questions and answers are found below the video and can be clicked to view/hide the response. If you still have questions after reading through our FAQ’s below, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

  1. How do exterior RV shades compare to interior RV shades?

  2. What is the warranty on your products?

  3. What is the current production time?

  4. How do Sun Control Shades compare to glass tinting?

  5. How does the Magne Shade System work?

  6. How do I get my Magne Shade tight during everyday use?

  7. How much ultraviolet light do Sun Control Screens block?

  8. What is the Return/Cancellation Policy?

  9. Which color fabric is most effective for sun control?

  10. How does the Flip Shade work?

  11. Will you consign or trade in my Magne Shades if I sell my coach?

  12. How should my shades be stored when not in use?

  13. If my windshield has a cabinet or interior trim interference, can I install a windshield shade?

  14. Do you offer Installation services at your facility?

  15. Do you Ship outside of the US?

  16. What should I know about maintaining my Magne Shade? (Tips and Care)

  17. What if I need my shades before the standard production time allows?

  18. How do you fold the tire shades?

  19. What size is my tire?

  20. Why isn't my tire shade perfectly even on my tire?

  21. How do the tire shades attach?

  22. Will the tire shade blow off in the wind?

  23. Do you have tire shades in stock?

  24. What kind of fabric is it made from?

  25. What colors are available in window shades? Isn't light better?

  26. Why do you have me measure if you have made window shades before?

  27. I can't reach my entire gasket/what does reach your entire gasket mean?

  28. How much heat will the window shades block?

  29. How do window shades do in the wind?

  30. Can I leave the window shades on all the time?

  31. Why do the window side shades not have magnets on the inside?

  32. Can I drive with the window shades on or use them on my tow vehicle? 

  33. How do you deal with the recessed portions of my side windows?

  34. Can I open my side windows with the window shades on?

  35. Can you see through the window shades?

  36. Do people ever lose magnets for window shades?

  37. How much is a digital print?

  38. How fast can a get my digital print?

  39. Can you use my photo?

  40. Can I use a copyrighted image like Mickey Mouse or the University of Connecticut?

  41. Can I use an image I found on Google?

  42. Do you have a catalog of images I can pick from?

  43. Will the digital print affect the shade's performance?

  44. Do you have installers at X?

  45. My driver's side window doesn't fit, how do I install?

  46. Is it something that I can install myself?

  47. What happens if I get a cracked windshield in the future?

  48. Do you do installs?

  49. If we don't want to measure can you build it when we are there?

  50. Will you do an install at my home or offsite campsite?

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