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A Guide to Fitting and Using Tire Shades

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One of the high-quality shade options from Magne Shade is our easy-to-use tire shades. These help to protect the sidewall of your tires from the sun’s UV rays, cold weather conditions, as well as pests and wildlife that might come into your campgrounds. As a result, your tires can last longer in good condition.

If you’ve bought a set of our tire shades or are thinking of investing in them, then here are some tips and instructions for using and fitting your RV tire shades.

When to use tire shades

RV tire shades are designed to be used any time your RV is parked. You can attach them while you’re docked at a campground or RV park, where they can stay for the duration of your visit. You can also use them when your RV is stored at home, in your garage or on your driveway.

Buying tire shades

When choosing and buying tire shades for your vehicle, you should first find out the section width and aspect ratio of your tires, and the diameter of your wheels. You should be able to find these numbers on the side of your tires. We have sizes of shades to fit a variety of vehicles.

How to fit tire shades

Our tire shades are extremely easy to attach to your tires. When you remove one from its storage bag, it will spring into shape thanks to the spring steel frame it’s fitted with. Each shade features a strong elastic strap with three points to wrap around the tire, leaving the shade tightly fitted to the sidewall of your tire.

When fitted, your tire shades will be practically invisible. They will stay in place through the majority of weather thanks to the strong bungee straps, although we do recommend removing them in the event of winds of 50mph.

How to store tire shades

You should store your tire shades away when not using them so that they maintain their condition and the elasticity of the straps. Your tire shades come with a storage bag – just twist and fold your shades back into a compact shape and size, which should be easy to do with the spring steel frame, and pack it away into the bag.

You can buy tire shades and other high-quality RV shades online from Magne Shade, or contact us directly to get a quote for your vehicle.

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